Be prepared to be wowed.  We weren’t prepared.  But, boy were we wowed.

In the run up to prepare for selling our house, we invited a couple of agents to present to us.  From our first encounter, John distinguished himself as a business professional with a business plan.  A strategic analysis, supported by a lineup of tactics to accomplish each objective, separated John from his peers.

John did his homework.  He came prepared with an analysis of the neighborhood, its features and demographics.  He shared his marketing plan.  Based on his ideas of the target price point, this house will likely appeal to a certain customer profile.  Large numbers of people are now flocking from Capitol Hill or Georgetown or other congested areas of the city, looking for more space for working remotely and enjoying an expansive private backyard yet not giving up proximity to the city.  A second source of prospects would logically be government and large public companies.  John’s team’s marketing plan had a development process for leveraging these known targets.  Regionally targeted advertising, mostly social, focuses on precise neighborhoods.  Good old fashioned networking has been most successful for well placed HR managers and recruiters.  Lifestyle and opportunity is their common language.

John’s profiling described prospective buyer types.   The house had to speak directly to them.  The kitchen needed cosmetic upgrades.  The paint and carpet needed cosmetic refreshes.  The staging all needed to complement what they see in the store showrooms.  And to accomplish all this, Compass Concierge provides the house refresh financing, due and payable interest free upon settlement.  Even better, the team of John Eric & Trevor Moore, take ownership of project management, driven expertly by Janis Hicks, overseeing contractor selection, workmanship quality and expeditious implementation.  Slam dunk.  I didn’t tell John that he had me at this point without yet having had the pricing discussion.

As to price, John produced his analysis of comparables.  John’s comparable review suggested a number significantly higher than the other realtors.  Yes, this raised a concern but it was supported by a well reasoned argument.  Supply and demand played strongly in his logic as did the emotional appeal of the house features.  Don’t envision the house as it is now.  Picture it as it will be.  The strength of his argument was bolstered by his methodical process.  John’s listing price, when brought to market, would be informed by multiple datapoints including his own evaluation, a formal pricing gaggle of high performing realtors in our market, plus John’s own contracted formal appraisal.

When I asked other realtors to explain their marketing plan for our house, I was universally met with, “once we list your home on MLS, I will be the best negotiator you have ever seen…”  John’s marketing, “The house won’t even make it to MLS.  Any true buyer making it to the bidding discussion will be competing on maximum price or I haven’t done my job of preparing them to bid.”

The result, 30 days from the day we gave the team of John Eric & Trevor Moore the go ahead, we settled on the sale.  The settlement was wonderfully uneventful.

We were wowed.