We recently moved from Arlington, VA to San Jose, CA. In preparing for this major relocation, we needed to make sure we found a capable and professional realtor to help us with the process of preparing our home for sale and getting it sold quickly and for the maximum amount we could get on the property. Luckily, our neighbor across the street had recently put his property up for sale and had hired a realtor to help him in this process. We watched as the realtor he hired came by numerous times while the house was being prepared for sale. The realtor seemed to be at the house a lot, making sure that the necessary steps were being taken to get the house ready for sale. Once the house came on the market, the house sold within a day. We knew at the moment, we were going to be using this same realtor when it came time to sell our house. The realtor was:

John Eric
Vice President | Principal
John Eric Real Estate

The day he came over to brief us on his company and what they could offer we were impressed by his professionalism, knowledge, confidence and attention to detail. He immediately told us what to expect and what he recommended we do to get the top dollar for our home. We followed his advice and replaced items he recommended we upgrade. As a result of his recommendations and assistance in getting our home not only upgraded to reflect current buyers tastes, but staged to bring in the most interest and demand, it sold within the first 2 days on the market for full asking price. This was the highest asking price received for homes in our complex since the housing market fell in 2007. We highly recommend John Eric as the preferred agent to handle anyone’s need to sell their house or represent them in buying a new house. We only wish John Eric was out here in California to help us in finding and buying a new home. We give John Eric 12 out of 10 stars!!!