We recently made a quick decision to buy a home in Florida, but that meant selling our townhouse in Arlington, VA quickly.  I knew of John and Trevor through other sales in our community, so decided to give them a call.  They came right out, and took over from (in a good way) the start.  Everything was explained in simple terms for us to understand.  John and Trevor brought in a stager (Claudia) a delightful lady and they turned our townhouse into a magazine model.  Each morning when I woke up, I did not know where I was, but the house SOLD in 2.5 days.Lots of papers to sign, and lots to do, but with their guidance it was done in a calming easy way.  Then we were turned over to Janis, whom I believe is John’s assistant in their real estate office.  Again, what a pleasure to work with her.  She would email us things to read, ask questions about, and to sign.  Every document Janis would send us was easy to understand and we were told to ask any questions, and then once we completely understood what we were signing, we would sign and send right back to her.I can not stress enough how hard it is to sell your home of 20 years, the emotions ran high, but this team made the transition smooth and easy.  The emotions were still there, but they helped us through that time.