With rising sea levels a looming concern for waterfront cities like DC, UrbanTurf is sharing an innovative houseboat concept across the pond.

As reported by design boom, German company Nautilus has developed the “hauseboote”, a customizable floating home for families to buy or tourists to rent. There are four types of the houseboat:
•The Nautino, which has room and sleeping berths for up to 7 people.
•The Nautilus, with has room for 6-8 adults and two children. This version has an optional convertible roof, foldable gangways and cabin, and extendable living area.
•The Vagabund, which has room for 4-6 adults and two children. This version is the most customizable in colors and materials; the living room can also be extended on two floors.
•The EI-Home is a “holiday home”-style houseboat with a large picture window and sundeck, which is also suitable for installation of solar panels.

Some of the hausebootes can even be customized to include such amenities as a fireplace, fire pit or sauna.

(Urban Turf)