For homeowners Kellee and Sean Glass, there was no question they’d consider their goldendoodle while they remade their historic rowhouse with the help of architect Robert Gurney. “Sawyer was our first baby,” says Kellee.

During construction, the family stayed in a smaller residence where they often found themselves tripping over Sawyer’s bowls. “Water would go flying and food would go flying,” says Kellee. “It only got worse when the children were moving around, walking and bumping into each other.” Thus, the idea for some kind of built-in area in the new house where Sawyer could dine in peace.

Gurney worked with the Italian design firm Boffi to dream up the home’s black-and-white kitchen. They included deep drawers, perfect for dog-food storage. “It’s all centralized in one area,” says Boffi’s Julia Walter. “It just makes everything very easy.” And they tucked Sawyer’s feeding station into one end of the nearly 30-foot-long island.

Not only does the custom cabinetry neatly contain the dog’s dishes, but Gurney had the idea to install a faucet so the water bowl can stay put while it gets filled. The family’s black cat, Coco Chocolate Ice Cream Puff (Coco for short), also stops there to hydrate.