As the arduous application process for the SuperFresh redevelopment in AU Park commences, Valor Development has added renderings and perspectives to the record in response to concerns raised by the community and Zoning Commissioners alike.

The Ladybird development would deliver two buildings at 4330 48th Street NW with a total of 239 residential units, a nearly 14,000 square-foot Balducci’s and 2,300 additional square feet of retail.

The most interesting aspect to the application debate may be Citizens for Reasonable Development’s (CRD) claim that the perspective renderings from Valor misrepresent the pedestrian vantage of the new massing. CRD commissioned renderings by Digital Design + Imaging that offer a significantly different interpretation of how the buildings would fit into the neighborhood.

As was discussed during a zoning hearing last month, Valor’s previous renderings were prepared based on photos taken with an iPhone 7, which CRD contended (and the applicant has since researched and conceded) employs a wide-angle lens. Valor has since responded with new renderings from multiple vantage points created based on images from an iPhone 6, which the developer identifies as having a standard lens camera.

(Urban Turf)