Often times, the mere thought of taking on a bathroom remodel is intimidating enough to stop you in your tracks. But these remodels can be easily accomplished and yield amazing results that not only provide an inviting new space but increase the value of your home. Regardless of the size of the bathroom – big caverns or small spaces – there are tips that can be used to make your renovation smooth.

It goes without saying that any bathroom reno is a big task that will require money to achieve. However, not all bathroom renovations require you to spend all your cash or to rip out any fixtures – or walls for that matter. Whether you have $5000 or $50 to spend, you can make the right changes to suit your space.

They key to a successful remodel is to have a solid plan. Every remodeling project needs to have thorough planning to be successful. If not, it will be costly and take a longer time to finish. So, you want to plan your bathroom layout and stick to it.

The first step is design. What do you want to create in the space? Are you leaning more towards practicality or a spa like vibe? Once you have decided, surf online to see examples of what you would like your bathroom to feature. Jot down notes. Then contact an electrician, tiler, and other related contractors to find out related costs and potential issues that will interfere with their part of the project.


Look for ways to save

For a cost-effective way to update existing fittings, you can always re-enamel or add a new surround to a bath. This is not only cost-effective, but a great way to maintain character. And if you do need any additional fixtures, purchase them yourself to cut costs. A plumbing company won’t be shopping around for deals the way that you can. Buy popular brands of fixtures, as replacement parts and cartridges are more readily available. Finding unknown brands online can be a risky game down the road.

Use existing plumbing where you can. Moving your bathroom around can burn through available cash. Quickly. Replace plumbing as needed while any plumbing is exposed. Older pipes may need to be replaced, and it’s a lot easier if they’re accessible. It will save time and money down the road.

Sometimes, depending on the design, it is necessary to move a tub or actually build a walk-in shower. While changing the tub placement can transform a small bathroom, there are some things that simply aren’t worth the move. Mainly, the faucets. You can change the faucet but do not relocate. Relocating will result in more work which will cost you more. If you do need to move key elements, try to at least keep the toilet close enough to connect to the existing soil pipe for less plumbing complications and to keep bathroom remodel costs down.


Incorporate design features that trick the eye

When you’re remodeling a small space like a loft bathroom, make designs that trick the eye your best friend. Adding textural and tonal features to even the most neutral of bathrooms enhances the look. Ultra-modern fixtures are incredibly sleek and look great in almost any space.

Keep the design simple in your bathroom remodel and keep curves, steps, decorative moldings and any ornamentation super low key. The simpler the design, the more cost-effective it will be to fit out. The worst bathroom remodeling mistakes happen when your project becomes overly complicated.

Tiling makes a major difference

Patterned floor tiles add interest to simple design schemes and draw the other bathroom paint colors together. Stay away from hardwood as it’s not the best for bathroom remodels for the amount of water and steam in the room. Go with porcelain or ceramic tile, vinyl plank or vinyl tile. If you are set on a wood look, there are many mimics of wood in different types of vinyl flooring now that are even totally waterproof and a lot more affordable.

Tiling a shower makes a huge difference. Retiling your shower walls can completely change the aesthetic in your bathroom. As this space is one of the most used home areas, the tiles are the focal of your bathroom; you want to make sure you love them. But tiles are also creepers in budget. The costs range from inexpensive to over the top. The best way to save money on the project is to stay within your budget when shopping for tiles.


So many shades in the rainbow.

Choosing the correct paint color is critical in a bathroom renovation. It must be complimentary to the cabinetry, fixtures, and tiles. Depending on your design, don’t be afraid to make a bold statement with bright colors. Or with black. Of course, use calming shades if you are looking to create a peaceful private oasis. When choosing your paint color, keep in mind the room in total. Then slap it up on the walls. The best thing about paint – if it doesn’t work, it is a simple fix. Just repaint to one that does. But be careful of cost here – paint is not inexpensive.


Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors aren’t just important for gazing into your reflection – they are important in reflecting the full space! When tackling small bathroom designs renovations be sure to consider large mirrors that can make a small bathroom feel lighter and more spacious – a frameless mirror covering the whole of one wall is very effective. To avoid misting up after showers and baths, fit heated pads behind the mirror.

One of the simplest ways to cohesively bind your bathroom’s “look” is through the use of mirrors. Like tile, they immediately stand out. And mirrors come in all shapes, dimensions, and styles.


Smart add-ins

As homes become increasingly “smart” – so do their bathrooms. There are also plenty of smart bathroom features on the market now including motion-detected faucets. High-efficiency faucets and fixtures are increasingly popular. And, for the devoted smart home fans, there are waterproof televisions that sit flush within a wall, built-in hi-fi systems, smart lighting controls with preset moods for atmosphere, and automation of blinds and bath fillers. These need planning in at the offset so that wiring can be accounted for. And make sure you have these features allocated in your budget from the beginning. Halfway through the project, you will not want to add in these expenses as many of them can be quite costly.


Speaking of lighting

Most bathrooms often do not get any form of natural lighting, and in homes sometimes the artificial lighting isn’t sufficient and can ruin the entire aesthetic. Change the light levels to something that is suitable for the bathroom. Switching just the bulbs in the existing fixtures to LED bulbs can be an inexpensive fix.

If you decide to change out the lighting, installing a simple bathroom lighting idea can make a vast improvement. Use pendant lighting — a single central fitting will prove much cheaper than individual downlights or wall lights. Check out multi-bulb fittings that only require a single power cable, for a flexible scheme.


Choose a statement feature, and get rid of the clutter

Choose one feature that will give your bathroom a standout, luxe feel. This might be a freestanding bath or an amazing mirror or a well-made storage cabinet.

Nothing can ruin a nice new room faster than clutter, so don’t forget about bathroom storage ideas when bringing your bathroom remodeling looks to life. Fitted or custom-made cabinetry will achieve a gorgeous and co-ordinated finish, but it needs to be planned from the start. There are certainly time and money issues to contend with. Freestanding and modular furniture offer more flexibility and can be added after the sanitaryware is in place. Modular furniture can also be wall-mounted, making effective use of space in clutter-prone areas of the bathroom.

Replacing the vanity is one of the most popular and important features in bathroom renovations. It is one of the big components in the room. Choose one that not just practically fits the space but adds to its character. For homowners who lack counter or sink space in the bathroom, focusing on the vanity is the easiest solution for storage saving space..

Don’t forget about ventilation and heat!

Many cases of damp are due to condensation. A bathroom is damp and steamy by nature, so install adequate ventilation systems (such as an extractor fan) to keep moisture to a minimum when planning your bathroom reno. Many homeowners under-think this part and focus on design. However, this is one of – if not the – most important part of your plan. Proper ventilation is vital to avoiding damp and mold, which can create serious health issues, not to mention potentially significant repair costs.

If you are extending the bathroom space in your remodel, don’t forget that this will mean a larger area to heat. Re-assess existing heating and upgrade the heat output if needed with a more powerful towel heater or radiator. You could also take the opportunity to include underfloor heating. At the same time, check that the water pressure isn’t affected by the addition of new sanitary ware.


The trades…

Always use contractors who are insured. Always be wary of tradespeople who ask for cash – it is illegal for them not to declare their income and if you have no receipt, you have no comeback should things go wrong. Likewise, beware of requests for upfront payments which can imply cash flow problems, or that builders’ merchants won’t give them credit. Any reputable builder will be happy to sign a simple contract with you and a third party to ensure the agreed work is on schedule.

Make sure to line up your electrician, plumber, and tile worker at the very beginning of the project. Right after you have completed your design. An electrician will need to rewire lighting schemes, and possibly add in an electric shower or shower pump. The plumber will need to adjust or hookup the sinks, toilet, shower, and bath. And, the tile contractor. Good tilers generally have waitlists. Make sure to get on one as soon as you can.  A quick chat to these tradespeople before any renovation starts is essential to not only schedule the job but to toss up any red flags regarding your project.


Although it may seem that a lot goes into a proper bathroom remodel, it isn’t as difficult as you may think. And the process can actually be a lot of fun in term of shopping for your dream look. Just remember to always choose materials that can withstand the conditions of a bathroom.